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Why don’t Labour people blog?

This is a question I was first asked by Scottish internet doyen (and SP’s Eligible of the Year) Lallands Peat Worrier last year. He inquired again earlier this year, and I, sadly, was unable to do more than shrug, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot more in the last month. Why don’t Labour people blog? Nationalists blog in droves. Some of them do podcasts. They’ve gone as far set up their own news service. Some of their blogs are so confident in their status that they’ve taken out adverts in newspapers to increase their reach. But Labour folk… nothing.


Devo-Positive, not Devo-Plus

So the executive summary of Labour’s Devolution Commission Report has been released (the full version isn’t out until conference) but the party has missed the opportunity to include proposals from the interim report.  Corporation tax devolution, radically extended welfare powers – both included in the interim but both missing from the commission’s final recommendations. This is an opportunity missed.


Why International Women’s Day Matters

Imagine if Hallmark did International Women’s Day: you could go into any card shop and buy a card for the women in your life; it would be pink, or have flowers, or maybe some shopping bags, or a lipstick! Most likely a silhouette of a lady stick person, like they do on the door of a pub toilet. I Needless to say, it would essentially vomit patriarchy and stereotypes over a day which exists for quite the opposite: to celebrate women and their achievements.